Monday, 2 February 2009


Well hello my six. Long time no blog and its February already and I've missed you sorely although - really not much to report - except swimming - which is probably (with my daughter - see above) the best thing about now in this hemisphere. Mind you, seeing a cow-sized fox running along Camden High Road in the snow would be amazing...

So besides drafting ideas for the local broadcasters latest RFPs, I've been doing some smaller drawings on brown paper. But really not happy with them - feel too cramped.

Here's one (useful to put up stuff that's not working sometimes)I mean look at the poor bloke - with the feet sticking out the bottom. Tssk..Much prefer a bigger canvas and a broader sweep. At art college there was always someone who liked to work on stuff the size of a postage stamp, itsy-bitsy miniscule images (like those painstaking folk who etch panoramas on a grain of rice or a lentil of whatever) - I suppose perhaps its a measure of dedication..But when I get hold of the big paper again, I'll do a massive boat - with loads of people in it - you perhaps? Hey maybe an Ark! *chortle*. Yes with a giant rabbit in it - why not?

What else? Waiting for the final instalment of jazz book funds so that can get that to the finish line..

How's the snow? I do miss snow.



Lianne said...

The snow is glorious! I feel like I'm six again.

Near by said...

it looks magical!

potdoll said...

hello long time no post.

that pool looks very shimmery and inviting!

Elinor said...

Nunhead Cemetery was just beautiful.

Anna said...

Speaking as someone from the other hemisphere - no snow in my world either. Just palm tress basking in the sun. I miss snow too.

As for the drawing - the colors are striking - I never noticed the feet.