Monday, 2 February 2009

basking... the glow of my blog award from Pot.
I am fab woo hoo.
Now what else do I do with it?
(BTW - apologies to all those of a fragile disposition - as I have - who are offended by the expletive. This is showbusiness)

I would like to thank my mum for being so trying and my daughter for keeping me sane. And you fellow bloggers for just being there through flab and fibs.


Put the image on your blog
List 10 truths about yourself
Give the award to 5 other people
Provide meaningful quotation

10 truths...

1. I enjoy your company
2. I'm a crap liar
3. I had the Midas touch - but now it only works on myself
4. I like eating more than swimming
5. I'm glad I'm female
6. I enjoy faffing around
7. I prefer drawing to writing
8. I have a secret than no one will ever find out
9. I'm unforgettable
10. I'm not finished yet...

Ooo I nearly forgot my meaningful quote. I found this one yesterday and put it on my fb page:

'Art is the lie that reveals the truth'

I only have 7 followers and most of them Pot has tagged so there's Lianne, Jon Peacey, Elinor, Mr Andy 'Pancakes' and anyone who feels like it...


potdoll said...

Hee I loved your speech!

it kills me I'll never know that secret!

Near by said...

Howdy Pot!

Yes I was quite pleased with it. I should have delivered it to cam perhaps..?

No one would believe the secret anyway - so no worries....

Elinor said...


Done mine.

Jon Peacey said...

Oooh! A new list-based thing- something to spur me into actually writing something on the much neglected blog. And a chance to flex the old OCD!

potdoll said...

ah wish you had have done it to camera. will you never tell anyone?

Near by said...

Howzit Jon!

No can do Pot.

Someone next there could be a video meme...don't you think?