Wednesday, 14 January 2009


I promised I would blog only inanities didn't I? - so here you are. Today I bought a new swimming costume - long overdue indeed -something more becoming of my increasing girth and rasping inner thighs. The pool is rather populated these days (strangely by women with red hair or perhaps red wigs.) Anyway took a train to Fish Hoek (or Vishoek in Afrikaans) - lovely sea front train ride and if you ever come to Cape Town I implore you to try it - catch the Simonstown train from central Cape Town especially for the view - even better in whale season when you can see the huge lumbering mammals leaping balletic from the waves ... anyway. So bought myself a navy-blue, matronly item with slinky skirt (which may embolden my walk from the bench to the pool - though limelight has never really licked my moth).

What else? - life has been consumed by oddity lately. On the old blog I'd probably refer to the 'signs'. Hey but eish.. not saying nothing, not saying anything. I'm crying a lot too - getting rid of all this feeling and stuff. Not easy. I'm so glad there's bloggers who know me from the start. Yes I cry too.

Anyway rewind to Sunday - after visiting my mum, the family was shuttled off to an evening meal in the suburbs. Firstly the driver and his accompanying friend both wore white sombreros as did the host of the palatial, gated, suburban mansion set in acres of crimped lawn. There was even a trampoline - on which (after I'd consumed more than my usual ration of wine) I happily bounced away for nearly an hour. The food was divine. The sun set across the mountain valley. My daughter had been whisked upstairs to a playroom and fed and tended to and I didn't see her or even worry about her for the rest of the evening. Conversation meandered, then I was gently interrogated on the state of the worldwide economy to which (after 7 glasses) I burbled that the market economy was a 'myth' - hey why not? - artist-writers have a duty to be interesting huh?
At this point, the men started clutching their heads in anxiety and striding up and down and swearing to sell all their shares immediately. Talk then moved on to equality in divorce payouts and bitterness. Hmmmm that is a large topic but I'd like to think I'm fair.

So as you see apart from all the redheads at the swimming pool - life is kind of banal for now. With undercurrents..

Check you later x


Helen Smith said...

I'm interested in the swimming and the new costume and the trampoline - not inanities at all. Hope you feel better after the tears. Sunshine and swimming are good x

Lara said...

Holy cr*p - your life is turning into The Great Gatsby... ;0)

Near by said...

Helen - the costumne looks very school-like and crimpleney!!

and eish I cry - but it must..

Yes Lara!
Holy cr*p :)

potdoll said...

I will astral project, and we can take that train journey together. tears optional.

My mates daughter has a trampoline. It made me do a little but very significant, wee.

Near by said...

they're fun Pot Eh?

- I await your astral embarkation - get on at Mowbray station, 2nd carriage from the back.... :)

potdoll said...

I'm here where are you???

Near by said...

sh*t wrong train!

Elinor said...

Banal??! I think not... you don't get women in red wigs at Dulwich baths, I'm telling you. x

Near by said...

well they weren't swimming....:)