Thursday, 26 February 2009


firstly a sketch for the next one - the nest - well actually it is only half of one because I drew on A3 and it wouldn't fit on the scanner - so the rest (left hand side) shows the rounded edge of the world (it'll look like a globe) and sky and stuff beyond..
Here I put two people eating in the nest - though it feels a bit static - so will likely end up as something completely different. The first drawing only had the girl looking down on the Ark below etc. Maybe I'll draw people sleeping.. let's see...

Then I've also posted the almost finished Ark picture. There are still three seats left empty for latecomers - or folk who don't realise that I need to see more than a thumbnail before can seat them. So that's why there's those grey shadows.
And I still have to do Pot's hair wisps..


Tuesday, 17 February 2009


Nils Udo - Nest

..thinking out loud this post really - notes towards the next picture which is going to have a massive nest in it.
There's a nest right on top of the shed thing on the Ark. So the next picture will be from inside it - with maybe a couple of people and some luggage or stuff. I like the image above. The nest will overlook the edge of the Ark, the oceans and edge of the world etc.
By the way if you still want to be pictured on the Ark, join the facebook group by clicking here. The gallery is talking about an exhibition - it'll be great to see them all up together...


Saturday, 7 February 2009


3rd or 4th updated version in progress on this Ark at the moment - and still a fair number of things to solve. It sails at night, I think (because of the cinema projection on the sheet above.) The sheet thing was the only solution for an open air viewing on such a large vessel and it seems to be strung up with bunting (ha!) and attached to the sky. The movie itself is something scary - at the moment there's just a wolf and a girl running away - but that'll probably develop - I keep thinking of Spirit of The Beehive) which I love.

So the whole thing will be more about light and shade than the previous ones - with the projection beam illuminating all the upturned faces on the deck below etc. Not started on the detail yet - but don't worry Lara and Pot I've reserved your places either side of the aisle on the third row C. Plus I'll be dipping into fb for the most flattering facial photos.

There may well be an usherette to keep the audience under control. I think I'll put any animals in the back rows, out of the way - they'd probably cause havoc any further forward. Bad enough with all the cell phones going off. That thing that looks a bit like a nose to one side of the Ark is actually a volcano. I'm still working out what to draw in this large empty space on the lower right hand side - maybe a face of someone emerging from the sea.. Hmmm what do you think?

I need to add another bit of paper lower left as there wasn't quite enough. Laters.

Wednesday, 4 February 2009


'Mrs Sockett is a prop for Pontypool* front row' was a sentence etched carefully on a desk in a classroom of my secondary school. (*see WC Dixon's recent post.) The infamous 'Mrs S' was a French teacher. And Pontypool RFC probably still need supporters.

And so do I - for the front two rows of seats in my ark. I'm considering filling them with bloggers - top seats though. No props required. Fancy one? See I've decided to install an open air cinema on the top deck (prow?) - so of course there needs to be an audience. After googling around today, I find that the traditional ark as a model looks rather stark (see above) - more like a big boaty version of a Shaker house. I also think eff all the 2 x 2 animals. I'm no good at drawing animals anyway apart from the odd bird and perhaps (giant this time) rabbit - so a cinema it is..

How are you btw? Let me know if you're shy.

Monday, 2 February 2009

basking... the glow of my blog award from Pot.
I am fab woo hoo.
Now what else do I do with it?
(BTW - apologies to all those of a fragile disposition - as I have - who are offended by the expletive. This is showbusiness)

I would like to thank my mum for being so trying and my daughter for keeping me sane. And you fellow bloggers for just being there through flab and fibs.


Put the image on your blog
List 10 truths about yourself
Give the award to 5 other people
Provide meaningful quotation

10 truths...

1. I enjoy your company
2. I'm a crap liar
3. I had the Midas touch - but now it only works on myself
4. I like eating more than swimming
5. I'm glad I'm female
6. I enjoy faffing around
7. I prefer drawing to writing
8. I have a secret than no one will ever find out
9. I'm unforgettable
10. I'm not finished yet...

Ooo I nearly forgot my meaningful quote. I found this one yesterday and put it on my fb page:

'Art is the lie that reveals the truth'

I only have 7 followers and most of them Pot has tagged so there's Lianne, Jon Peacey, Elinor, Mr Andy 'Pancakes' and anyone who feels like it...


Well hello my six. Long time no blog and its February already and I've missed you sorely although - really not much to report - except swimming - which is probably (with my daughter - see above) the best thing about now in this hemisphere. Mind you, seeing a cow-sized fox running along Camden High Road in the snow would be amazing...

So besides drafting ideas for the local broadcasters latest RFPs, I've been doing some smaller drawings on brown paper. But really not happy with them - feel too cramped.

Here's one (useful to put up stuff that's not working sometimes)I mean look at the poor bloke - with the feet sticking out the bottom. Tssk..Much prefer a bigger canvas and a broader sweep. At art college there was always someone who liked to work on stuff the size of a postage stamp, itsy-bitsy miniscule images (like those painstaking folk who etch panoramas on a grain of rice or a lentil of whatever) - I suppose perhaps its a measure of dedication..But when I get hold of the big paper again, I'll do a massive boat - with loads of people in it - you perhaps? Hey maybe an Ark! *chortle*. Yes with a giant rabbit in it - why not?

What else? Waiting for the final instalment of jazz book funds so that can get that to the finish line..

How's the snow? I do miss snow.