Tuesday, 6 January 2009


a few sketches from Christmas afternoon.
Laters peeps,



potdoll said...

glorious. nice little image of you sketching and relaxing at chrimbo. mine what chaos.

Near by said...

really Pot? Did you cook then?

mine was an odd day really..

potdoll said...

no I went to my brothers. my brothers kids are hell chock in a kind of you need ibuprofen kind of way. plus I was already knackered after driving back from Glasgow on xmas eve.

why was yours odd..?

Near by said...

Jeepers - but aren't all kids are like that

Mine was bitty that's all. My daughter went round a friend's house in the morning, then we picked up my mum and went to Gugs where the JB was flowing -but no food in sight.

Did eat eventually..

potdoll said...

No food in sight! Blimey.

All kids are like that but my niece requires extra painkillers cos she just screeches the whole time bless her.