Tuesday, 31 March 2009


The other day my daughter drew a picture of a man climbing a long ladder into the sky to get into an aeroplane. Woooo!

Anyway - slowing down now with the pastels. Running out of steam - I think finally - phew. So the first act of 'Hum of History' (parts 1-7) is finished - with the rest of the series to be continued later...
Now the desk summons. Writing. But meanwhile catching up on a whole heap of films this week - all those you've already seen - but which take forever to hit these shores.

How are you nine persons doing?


Helen Smith said...

Lovely. Love the rabbit's ears, love the idea of a ladder to the sky.

Maybe we ten should have a party? My boiler's broken so if we do have one, can it not be at my house and wherever we have it, does anyone mind if I bring some bubbles and have a bath?

How's your Mum? Hope all is well xx

potdoll said...

I love the hand going into the window!

I find your images really intriguing. Do you use this kind of imagery in your films/scripts?

Near by said...

Hi Helen!

We must indeed have a party - but where oh where?
Don't have ten chairs here..Maybe we can have a party in the next post on here

Definitely bring your bubbles - the Ark does look very much like a bath innit?

My mum is healing pretty well - on one crutch now and can make it to the corner shop - so not bad.

Howzit Pot? Not really though my art films ages ago were all a bit bonkers. Ha! Doing thses does make me think I might like to get into children's films thou'..

potdoll said...

I was thinking that -

M J said...

I just realised I am 1 of the 9 persons! I love your pictures they look like fairy-tales - but the lady with the ears has a definite hint of menace about her.