Tuesday, 24 March 2009


Hello my few. Pot reminded me (in the intimate environment of the mini-chatroom that accompanies a wordscraper game) that I'd not blogged for ages and yes it would have been even longer - were it not for that meme below.

I try to keep up a slight pretence that I am writing here and there, but my word count this year so far has been zilch. Even though I do feel the urge - every now and again..

But I'm still smitten with drawing - mainly because it is so lovely to get an instant response. There's blog/facebook feedback and my daughter of course - who demands to be in every picture - but also reactions from the few folk who stroll through the house from time to time. You don't get the nasty shades of 'no' of script responses. People can wrinkle their nose or walk away - but they tend not to - they always say something unexpected . Yesterday a couple from Canada came. He was fascinated by Helen's microwave on the canoe (he in furniture - I think) and talked about making kites. His wife was pleased the naked lady had the good sense to keep (what are clearly her best) shoes on. She thought the kite tags looked like medical sutures.

My daughter, when she first saw the picture with the orgy (and big hand) announced she was going to report me to the police for drawing people doing rude things with no clothes on. She sleeps in the room with the Ark on the wall and, in the morning, tells me what everyone on deck did during the night. When she comes back from school she always notices who's new on board.

So that's what I enjoy - engagement.



Helen Smith said...

I love the idea of your daughter telling you the stories of what happened on board the night before.

potdoll said...

I love that your daughter is in all your drawings.

I can see why you have fallen back in love with drawing. It seems more rewarding - and instant. Plus nobody can give you notes on it. It's yours and you're the boss.

A wonderful talent to have.

Near by said...

Yes Helen and Pot
Did/ do your daughters inspire you?

Indeed Pot. Development can be so disheartening..

Getting notes on a drawing - ha! - nmight be fun actually. There's a scene there...