Saturday, 10 October 2009


Hello peeps me here - who am I? Where am I? And what have I been doing?
You may ask. Cor long time no blog hasn't it been - and now with Pot tucked away in India I can safely re-launch (ha ha ha) As you can see from the end of my last post - things seemed to have come to a grinding halt..

Anyway it was like I had these 9 scriptwriter followers and then lured them over to an art blog under false pretences - ha. I've been steadily slapping up art on facebook as I go - drawing those dark pieces now - through strangely they're not as dark as I suspected they would be - and going off on other tangents...For those who haven't seen already, I'm putting this 'Rapunzel' one up. Working on a companion piece for this right now (love using these natty phrases 'companion piece' or 'diptych' )

Plus the world has been spinning me into the middle of a rather peculiar web of serendipity lately. I kind of try not to look at things too closely or read too much into stuff - in case I scream. One small example is that I saw a lovely little ornamental tree thing in my usual food superstore and thought it'd be perfect for my mum's birthday. It even had a plaited trunk - cute. Anyway she loved it. "Ficus" she enquired "isn't that a fig?" My hackles rose and I glowered at the offending item feeling cheated & wondering If I could suddenly hurl it out into the street - without her noticing....

So myriad stuff like that. Everywhere all the time. Keep my head down. BTW has anyone seen those kind of magnetic arrange-the-beaver iron filings things in the shops? Jeez.

But anyhow, I've always been a great believer in following your own path, listening to your gut, instinct and what what. Other people often get it wrong for you. Years ago I remember going for a job cleaning toilets in a nightclub in Leeds and I got the job and the day I started the manager came round and said, 'Oh we can't have you cleaning toilets, we'll have to put you on the bar.' So reluctantly I struck up a pose behind the bar and started serving drinks. On my third day I got the sack - for not smiling. See - I'd have lasted a lot longer in the toilets.

So what else? Anyway October's planetary shifts are already being felt and I shan't tempt blog karma by talking too much here. But the house is sold, papers are being filed, plans are being made - holes in the floor gape angrily - but who cares? - time to make a life shift huh.. what say you...

Plus sat down a wrote a lovely new synopsis ..

Cheers to autumn or spring whatever hemisphere you may be in.


potdoll said...

soon as my back's turned, eh... :)

not enough wordscraper so you resort to blogging!

this is my fave drawing so far.

Near by said...

yes me too Pot -
- kind of stepped somewhere else I think, a different mood

working on white paper changes things too...

potdoll said...

yes different mood. hadn't realised it was white paper this time. feels like a different time to your others, too. not sure why.

Elinor said...

ooh lurvely.

Les Rickford said...

Found you via the mention on the swit salone blog. Love the anecdote about the club in Leeds and the "promotion" from bogtending to bartending. Nice humor (Forgive the sp. been a long time in the US of A). Would love to find out more about your "third culture" identity if that is the sort of thing you ever feel like discussing or writing about.